Human Rights issues are more important

Do you think it’s strange that we have enough food to feed 56 billion land animals every year, yet there are 800 million people currently living in a state of starvation?

Exactly, we should focus on helping those people

That is a systemic issue

I can't do this

This excuse can be applied to anything. If someone was to say “I think it’s really important that we deal with helping the homeless" you could say, “but shouldn’t we be worrying about fixing Syria?” or, “I think we need to address the slashing of benefits for the disabled.” All of these issues need solving and nothing is achieved by devaluing any of them.

Being vegan is as simple as not eating animal products, not wearing animal skin, not purchasing cosmetics tested on animals and not supporting animal exploitation of any kind. So you can be a humanitarian and a vegan. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter and be vegan and you can be building schools and hospitals in impoverished countries and still be a vegan.  Being vegan is a passive action, it requires very little from the individual. 
If we all turned vegan we wouldn’t just end animal exploitation, we would end some of the most important human rights issues facing our species today.22

If we all went vegan we would end the exploitation of migrant workers and people in poverty, who work in slaughterhouses out of necessity. We would end the explotation of tannery workers in India, Bangladesh and other third world countries where exposure to poisonous chemicals result in early death and birth defects. We would end the exploitation of tribal groups in the Amazon, whose communities are being uprooted and destroyed to make room for animal agriculture

Being vegan means we ARE concentrating on human issues. If we care about the suffering of humans then we should be vegan. 
Content copy adapted from "30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How To Respond To Them" by Earthling Ed

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