We need to eat animal products for nutrition

If we can survive without consuming animals and their secretions, does this not therefore mean that doing these things to animals is an act of unnecessary cruelty?

But it's healthier to eat animals

I am a monster

I can't do this

The American Dietetic Association and the British Dietetic Association,11 the largest bodies of nutrition and diet professionals in both countries, have both stated that a plant-based (vegan) diet is nutritionally adequate and safe for all stages of life, including pregnancy. Meaning that we can officially get all the nutrients we need without eating animals or their secretions. Protein, iron, calcium and every other nutrient that we associate with animal products can be obtained easily without the need for exploiting animals.

 The largest and strongest land animals in the world, the elephant, the rhino, the hippopotamus, what do they all have in common? They are all plant eaters. But does anyone think an elephant is protein deficient, or that a rhino has weak bones? 
Consuming animal products has been linked to our top diseases and illnesses. Heart disease,12 type-2 diabetes,13 many forms of cancer,14 strokes, hypertension, dementia and osteoporosis15 have all been inextricably linked to the consumption of animal products and many of them can be treated and even reversed by switching to a plant-based lifestyle.16

There are an abundance of plant-based athletes17 across the world including Germany’s strongest man Patrick Baboumian, NFL players such as David Carter and weightlifters such as Kendrick Farris and boxers like David Haye.
Content copy adapted from "30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How To Respond To Them" by Earthling Ed

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