My friends and family won’t like it if I go vegan

Social pressure can be one of the hardest aspects of going vegan for many people.

It’s my friends that I’m worried about

My family will be hardest for me

I can't do this

People’s friends have no control over the actions or decisions that they make in their life and at no point should friends stop anyone from following their morals and becoming vegan.34 Nobody should ever let the opinions of others stop them from following a way of life that is morally right. The friends situation particularly hard is that so many social interactions either revolve around food or at least involve food.35 Fortunately, this situation is getting easier all the time as more and more places are introducing vegan options and menus.

When in doubt, there is a huge, supportive community that is always available to offer support, advice and help so if you feel isolated or alone because your friends and family are making you feel uncomfortable, you can always talk to the community because being vegan means they are never truly on their own.
If the person doesn’t live at home anymore then of course their family questioning their desire to become vegan shouldn’t stop them from becoming vegan. However, if the person still lives at home it can make going vegan a lot more difficult than it would be otherwise.

If you still live at home, try and show your family why it is you want to go vegan,36 you could cook for your family in order to show them that vegan food is delicious, affordable, accessible and healthy. A lot of the time parents and family just don’t understand veganism or why someone would want to go vegan, so it’s important that anyone who wants to go vegan is knowledgeable in why they want to go vegan so that they can properly talk to their family about it.
Content copy adapted from "30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How To Respond To Them" by Earthling Ed

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