We evolved by eating animals

If it’s morally justifiable to eat animals because our ancestors used to do it, does that not mean that it must also be morally justifiable to murder each other, as our ancestors use to do that as well?

I'm not sure

Probably not?

I can't do this

Surely if eating is animals is acceptable because cavemen did it, then raping and murdering one another today must also be morally justifiable?

If non-vegans really want to live like their ancestors then they would eat a predominantly vegan diet with the exception of some occasional insects. They would also sleep outside, not use technology, speak in primitive and underdeveloped languages, get overly excited by the creation of fire and have incestuous experiences.
Now undoubtedly eating animals helped us survive through times of food scarcity but just as the very foundations of much our society was built upon slavery doesn’t justify slavery in today’s world, the fact that eating animals helped us get to this point or helped us survive in the past, doesn’t justify eating animals in today’s world.

In contemporary society we don’t need to eat animals or their secretions18 and in doing so we are shortening our lifespan,19 destroying our planet20 and causing an unimaginable amount of unnecessary harm to innocent, living beings.21
Content copy adapted from "30 Non-Vegan Excuses & How To Respond To Them" by Earthling Ed

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